N.Ajay Kumar

N.Ajay Kumar  Andhra Pradesh,  India

Mr. Ajay kumar is a committed entrepreneur who runs a small hostel - "Shanmuka Boys PG Hostel" near Bapatla Engineering College, accommodating about 20 students.  He is currently using LPG cylinders in the kitchen of his hostel, which is amounting to 70%-80% of overall operational expenses of the kitchen. By using Sustaintech's environment friendly cookstoves, specifically the 3*2 16mm Tava, he will start using biomass for cooking, which in turn will result in savings of Rs.5000/month. He plans to use these savings by reinvesting in additional infrastructure for his hostel, thereby increasing accommodation space and expanding his business.

Requires Rs. 19,875

at a max interest rate of 7.5% for buying energy efficient cook stove

FUNDED Rs. 19,875NEED Rs.0

Loan Amount is Fullfilled 


Loan Amount Rs. 19,875Investor Returns7.5% Rs. 4,050
Repayment ModeNGO Fee *5.00% Rs. 51
No of Installments5MicroGraam Fee **1.00% Rs. 199
Total Cost to Borrower ***12.5%
* This amount includes principal amount
** Fees paid as part of first instalment
*** Annual Percentage Rate

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Partner NameSustainTech
Contact PersonS. Peter
Repayment Rate99.9%
Area Of FocusRenewable Energy


10 Sep,2016 Rs. 4,101
10 Oct,2016 Rs. 4,101
10 Nov,2016 Rs. 4,101
10 Dec,2016 Rs. 4,101