Muniraj Ramappa

Muniraj Ramappa  Tamilnadu,  India

Muniraj is a hard-working, friendly, honest and good-hearted man. He is married, and father of three daughters, and has a very good job aimed at a fantastic public. He is running hotel business. With the help of a loan, Muniraj wants to improve his hotel business, so he wants to invest this loan in the purchase of energy efficient cook stove, since it is primary needs of his hotel. With the earnings, he wants to develop his hotel in big manner.

Requires Rs. 25,963

at a max interest rate of 7.5% for buying an energy efficient cook stove

FUNDED Rs. 25,963NEED Rs.0

Loan Amount is Fullfilled 


Loan Amount Rs. 25,963Investor Returns7.5% Rs. 4,423
Repayment ModeNGO Fee *6.50% Rs. 83
No of Installments6MicroGraam Fee **2.00% Rs. 519
Total Cost to Borrower ***14%
* This amount includes principal amount
** Fees paid as part of first instalment
*** Annual Percentage Rate

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Partner NameSustainTech
Contact PersonS. Peter
Repayment Rate99.9%
Area Of FocusRenewable Energy


10 Oct,2016 Rs. 4,506
10 Nov,2016 Rs. 4,506
10 Dec,2016 Rs. 4,506
10 Jan,2017 Rs. 4,506
10 Feb,2017 Rs. 4,506