Neelamma Jagadesh Karekatti

Neelamma Jagadesh Karekatti  Karnataka,  India

Neelamma is a farmer from Timmenahalli village of Ranebennur in Karnataka. She grows crops and sells them in the neighbouring market. This is the only source of livelihood for her whole family. Her husband also works with her in the field. The annual income of the family is Rs 60000/-. In this income it is very difficult to run the family and to invest in agriculture. Therefore Neelamma is in need of Rs.50000/- loan to invest in her agriculture business. She will use the loan amount to buy seeds, fertilizers and other necessary inputs required for growing green crops. Help Neelamma by investing in her loan amount and support the efforts of farmer for the larger good.

Requires Rs. 50,000

at a max interest rate of 7.5% for Agriculture

FUNDED Rs. 50,000NEED Rs.0

Loan Amount is Fullfilled 


Loan Amount Rs. 50,000Investor Returns7.5% Rs. 2,946
Repayment ModeNGO Fee *4.60% Rs. 106
No of Installments18MicroGraam Fee **3.00% Rs. 1,500
Total Cost to Borrower ***15.97%
* This amount includes principal amount
** Fees paid as part of first instalment
*** Annual Percentage Rate

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Partner NameVRDS
Contact PersonMr. S.D.Baligar
Repayment Rate100%
Area Of FocusAgriculture, Micro enterprise & Sanitation
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10 Sep,2017 Rs. 3,052
10 Oct,2017 Rs. 3,052
10 Nov,2017 Rs. 3,052