Periyaselvam .M

Periyaselvam .M  Tamilnadu,  India

Periyaselvam aged 40 of Pullimancombai village in Tamil Nadu has been a dairy farmer for many years. Not only he takes care of his livestock but also grows green fodder for cow feeding and also feeds them with ground pulses which increases the milk production. This ensures proper care as well as less expenditure in relation to veterinary care. For a family of four people with only him as the breadwinner, it is quite understandable that the family has few savings. Therefore, in order to improve his income from dairy farming he wishes to purchase another cow. He has applied to MicroGraam for a loan of Rs.30000. Investing in his loan will help him and his family to improve their livelihood, their present and future.

Requires Rs. 30,000

at a max interest rate of 7.5% for Dairy Farming

FUNDED Rs. 30,000NEED Rs.0

Loan Amount is Fullfilled 


Loan Amount Rs. 30,000Investor Returns7.5% Rs. 2,603
Repayment ModeNGO Fee *6.50% Rs. 91
No of Installments12MicroGraam Fee **2.00% Rs. 600
Total Cost to Borrower ***17.78%
* This amount includes principal amount
** Fees paid as part of first instalment
*** Annual Percentage Rate

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Partner NameVaigai
Contact PersonChinnandi
Repayment Rate99%
Area Of FocusAgriculture & Dairy
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10 Jul,2017 Rs. 2,694
10 Aug,2017 Rs. 2,694
10 Sep,2017 Rs. 2,694
10 Oct,2017 Rs. 2,694
10 Nov,2017 Rs. 2,694